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High Density Fiber Distribution Frame

High Density Fiber Distribution Frame

MTP * / MPO fiber distribution frame is a scalable solution mainly used in high-density 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. There are Main Distribution Area (MDA) and Horizontal Distribution Area (HDA) terminal cabling products. There are usually three designs: 1U, 2U, 3U. According to data center setup needs, it simplifies the field installation, improves system performance and achieves higher system density, modular system management and pre-assembled components so that it reduces the installation time and achieves the movement and expansion in the fastest way.


· Sliding tray design, the new type of the expansion and adequate operational space enable the highest density

· A variety of welding wiring signs enable easy welding and cabling records

· High-density trunk cable with lesser bending radius enables easy storage and installation

· Connector module, 19-inch rack mount for easy installation and expansion

· Low insertion loss enable multi-level connections in complete fiber link when deploying TIA-942 compliant systems

· Customized branch cable assemblies for seamless integration with mainstream SAN switches

· Factory termination provides stable quality and ensures system reliability . It reduces installation time, meet series standards of TIA / EIA604-5-D-2007, IEC61754-7-2008